All tea no shade


The past week has been trying to say the least. I’m on the tail end of a bathroom renovation which started as one simple repair and snowballed into a much larger, more involved, and far more expensive endeavor. I, like all of us, waited with baited breath for the outcome of the midterm elections and am still waiting for all votes to be counted. An ATM destroyed a check I was trying to deposit. And on top of all that, I caught a cold which has made everything seem like it’s twice as bad as it really is. My chest is congested and it’s annoying me to no end. My saving grace in all of this, hasn’t been my first love, coffee, but my dependable, oft-unsung friend, tea. I have been drinking all of the teas in my collection: ginger, matcha, citrus blends, mint, etc. Give me all the tea. The herbaceous brews may have absolutely no effect on my actual cold, but they make me feel good so if it’s merely a placebo effect, I’ll take it.  Coffee is my main companion, but tea will always be my side love. I’m no expert, just know what I like. All tea, no shade, here’s the scoop on my faves.

I prefer hot tea when I don’t feel well or as my morning pick-me-up. Also, I tend to prefer fruity and floral blends versus spicy ones. Most of my life, I drank black teas exclusively but in recent years, I’ve fallen in love with matcha.

Here’s my hit list: let me know yours. I’m always down for trying something new. 

Ahmad Tea

I discovered this brand about ten years ago. I fell in love with their flavored black teas. I have enjoyed everything I’ve had from them and suffice it to say, I’ve had a lot! My favorites are the citrus, rosehip hibiscus and cherry,  and peppermint lemon.

Lipton Yellow Label Tea

My friend Roohi introduced me to Yellow label and I never looked back. It is much stronger than the regular Lipton I grew up with and I like it. I also grew up on chicory coffee so strong brews appeal to me. This tea handles any additions without losing its flavor. If you like milk or cream, honey or sugar, lemon or not, you can add them to enhance the tea experience without diluting any of its strength.

Lipton Black Tea

I have to include regular, no frills, Lipton because it’s what I grew up with and what is most comforting to me. I drink a wide variety of teas for enjoyment and pleasure, but this one feels like soul food. It reminds me of my grandmother and my childhood. Iced tea in the summer, toddies in winter, hot with lemon late at night (especially when I was sick), all served with prepared with love. 

Lipton Matcha

A friend recommended this to me. I love it. It has a lovely flavor. Eventually I will try more authentic Japanese brands but for now, I will allow Lipton to introduce me to the flavor and health benefits. 

I am not under any circumstances an expert on coffee or tea. I just know what I like and what works for me. I’m always open to trying new things so let me know what you recommend. This is a learning space, a growing space. Right now, I’m listening to the rain hit my window and trying to decide which tea I’m going to brew in a moment. I think it will be matcha. Yes, it’s a rainy night and matcha time!

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