Thinking about All Souls Day

Today is All Souls Day. As a Catholic, this is normally the day when we go to visit the graves of our departed family members. We clean headstones, freshen flowers, pray, and remember them. It’s a beautiful tradition and one of my favorites about the Catholic faith. Full disclosure: I’ve been a non-practicing Catholic for years but it’s so ingrained in the DNA of my life that I’ll never stop observing holy days or or other customs. Back to the subject: All Souls Day. Today is a rainy mess in New Orleans so my family will probably sit this one out. It’s been raining since midnight so I’m sure the graveyard will be a muddy nightmare.

Even though, I’m not going to their graves. I wanted to acknowledge my loved ones who have moved on to the next life. I miss them. I miss my grandmother and my Aunt Martha and my Uncle Frankie. I miss my Uncle John and my Aunt Lola. I’m sure they’re still bickering in heaven. My Uncle William suffered from severe mental illness. I hope he has found peace. I remember my friends Freeman, Derek, Natasha, and Kara all gone too young and too soon. And finally, I remember my father. Though he chose to not be a part of it, I thank him for giving me life. To all those who have loved and nurtured me along the way, teachers and mentors, neighbors, and those whose benevolence touched my life without my knowledge, I thank you and honor you.

May your soul and all the souls of the dearly departed, Rest In Peace.

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