The Instagram worthy breakfast

I have a confession to make. It’s a little silly I know. Well, a lot silly if I’m truly honest. The level of silliness doesn’t make it less true. Here goes, brace yourself: I don’t ever eat Instagram worthy breakfasts…or any meal really. My food is lucky to make it from the cooking vessel to the plate or dumped into a bowl. I believe my meals to be tasty but I want them to be pretty. I don’t know how some people do it. Mind you, I’m clear that for many, these gorgeous shots are completely staged content and their real life may more closely resemble mine. However, it doesn’t stop me from wishing that I woke up every morning with perfect sunlight shining through the windows of my perfect kitchen where everything has a place, dishes are never dirty, and I always have obscure ingredients on hand to whip up whatever recipe I find. In that kitchen, I would play smooth jazz and make beautiful, instagram-worthy breakfasts that I can feel good about myself while eating. 

In my actual life, breakfast is usually a bowl of oatmeal that gets cold sitting next to the computer while I check email and other to-do lists for the day. As examine these feelings, I realize that it’s less about the silly vanity of wanting an Instagram life and more about desiring conscious self-care. I want to give myself the gift of knowing that I took care to ensure that what I’m consuming is good for me physically and spiritually. I don’t want to merely dump oatmeal in a bowl and mindlessly eat it while I work. I want to spend time savoring the quiet moments, the moments where I nourish, replenish, and fuel myself for the day. So that’s my goal: step up my morning routine. Truthfully, tomorrow probably won’t be that day but I will at least vow to stop working during breakfast and make it a solemn moment. I can do that for myself. It won’t, however, be Instagram pretty. 

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