Happy Annual Buy a Planner That I’ll Never Use Day!

Today is a momentous day in my life. It is the day usually filled with so much promise and hope. I worry about it. I stress over it. I finally find fulfillment and joy. This journey is special. Today is the the day I spend way too many hours online looking for the perfect planner that will help me to organize my life, accomplish all my goals, and remember my friends’ birthdays. Every year, for as long as I can remember, I’ve done this. I love it. However, I have to admit one critical problem with all this joy. I never use the damn things. Oh sure! I get excited at the beginning of the planning process. I truly believe this will be the year that the magic planner will work it’s magic and everything in my life will become more organized and regimented. I will not succumb to the hodgepodge of chaos and crazy that is me normally trying to remember all things inside my head. NO! This year I will write it down in my magic book and this is the year I will stick to it. No seriously, this is the year. Okay technically next year . . . but I mean it now. This time it’s going to work!

New Planner Day

Because most people know me from my stationery, Write Robinson, I get asked about planners a lot from my friends. I easily point them in the right direction depending on their personality, lifestyle, how they wish to use the planner, etc. I’m like the Patti Stanger of matching planners to new owners. I look at a lot of planners for myself but I am picky. I’m no planner snob but I do have certain criteria before I’ll take one into my home and not use.

No spiral binding

I know spiral bound planning systems have been hot for a few years. However, for the left-handed (shout out to the lefties!) girl that I am, spiral bound planners are a pain to use. If I’m going to buy a planner to not use it, I want it to be at least comfortable for me when I pick it up the first time to record my birthday. I prefer my planners to lay flat for both ease of writing and so that I can see the entire month seamlessly.

No extra spaces for menus and heart rates and school schedules

I don’t like too much extra crap in my planner. Just give me a good grid with spaces large enough for me to not write several entries on one day and I’m fine. I don’t need to record my entire life in this one book. I already feel guilty about not using the planner as much as I should. I don’t want to feel even more guilty because I’m also not recording every piece of food I eat in it either.

No glossy covers

This is a deeply personal preference. I like my planners to whisper not shout. If it’s going to sit on my desk, next to my computer, completely unused for a year, it had better be quiet and understated and make me feel like I’m a classy boss.

It can’t be skinny

I need my planners to be at least 9×7. I don’t like the skinny pocket planners. I want to see it on my desk. I want to be able to pull it out to confirm dates or to count how many weeks my stationery clients have to send out their invitations. I don’t want to lose it which is exactly what I’d do if it were too small. Besides, the grids are too tiny in those things. If I don’t use my desk planners, I’m certainly not going to use a pocket one.

It must have a durable cover and details

Even though this planner won’t see much writing from me, it will travel with me in my purse everywhere I go. I has to take a beating and still look good. Also, gilded edges are gorgeous and I must have a ribbon place holder for no good reason other that I just like them.

So what now?

We have established that I love yearly planners and that I don’t necessarily use them. So what planner am I purchasing this year? After much consideration, I’m going with the Gallery Leather Large 18-Month Planner Calendar. Truth be told, I bought Gallery Leather last year and I loved the brand. Again,¬† I didn’t write in it much, but I did use it to confirm dates and such. And, it looked good when it sat next to my computer or when I pulled it out of my purse at meetings. It’s exactly what I need out of a planner: look pretty, be convenient for me, be there when I need it. Simple. No fuss. Now I promise myself, next year, I’m writing all over this thing and my life will be organized and I will accomplish all my goals and I will send birthday cards on time and I might even record calories . . .

2 Replies to “Happy Annual Buy a Planner That I’ll Never Use Day!”

  1. Ha! That is the planner that I bought last year, only in orange. I’ve used it for the last 7 months as a journal, writing about three sentences at the end of each day – things I’m grateful for that day, etc. It’s been a good way to end the day, as long as I don’t pick up my phone to check facebook “one more time” before I go to bed. I love the planner and was thinking about getting another one for next year, so thanks for helping me find it!

    1. I really love the quality of their planners. Also, I really like your idea so I think I may do the same with the remainder of this year. Truthfully, I’ve been planning to do a micro-journal companion book to Common Sense and Coffee. ?

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