My Intention is to be of Service

I write thank you notes a lot. I believe in them yet truthfully, sometimes I do it out of sheer habit. I know what I’m supposed to write. I know what I’m supposed to say. None of this is to imply that my words are insincere. Quite the contrary is true. I truly mean it when I say thank you for your support or thank you for supporting me. Those words are not hollow. I am deeply thankful whenever someone makes the decision to support one of my projects, be it Write Robinson for the past ten years, or now this book. I do not take it for granted that my customers and clients trust me with their money to deliver a product of value.

I grew up in New Orleans where there is a culture of lagniappe (some may argue this culture is dying and they would be right, which saddens me, but such is the evolution of places). Lagniappe means that you are given just a little bit extra. For example, if you ordered a pound of sliced ham, the butcher would give you a pound and a quarter for lagniappe. I have operated this way in my life and business as well. It’s just what you do, I believed.

Give to be of service

Upon the recommendation of my good friend, Chandra Greer, proprietor of the well-known stationery store,¬†Greer Chicago, I read the book The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. I finished it in a few hours and it profoundly changed my thinking about giving, gratitude, service, and lagniappe. The book tells the story of a businessman named Joe, who while under the tutelage of a wiser businessman named Pindar, learns the five laws of stratospheric success which are all grounded in giving. This giving isn’t necessarily about things. It’s more about being of service.

My mind immediately focused on my ever present thank you notes. As I said, I know what to write. I am sincere when I am thankful for the support of me. What I realized though, was that I never write them from an intention of service. My intention when writing a thank you note or offering lagniappe is to be nice. I want to shift to an intention of service. I want to give back by being in service to the idea that we can all be surrounded by positivity and motivational thoughts. Ultimately, that is why I write and that is why I want my voice to be heard. Therefore, I want to serve all who encounter my book or this website by doing the very best I can to always provide you with content to use in your life to uplift your spirit and to make you feel better. I do not come at this from a place of superiority. I do not have all the answers. What I do have is a willingness to share what I have learned and am learning in the most honest manner that I can. The Go-Giver changed my mindset on lagniappe and my thank you notes. Instead of giving to simply to be nice, I will continue to give but from the intention of being in service to abundance and I am open to receiving the abundance that comes back to me.


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