Welcome to the online home of Common Sense and Coffee, the first book written by Angel K. Robinson.

Common Sense and Coffee is a collection of short stories and essays about life lessons and the sometimes funny, sometimes difficult ways in which they are learned.

Read this book while drinking your favorite coffee and come ready to laugh, think, and reminisce about your own common sense lessons.

All proceeds from book sales go to Angel’s family.

About the Author

Angel Robinson began the daily practice of journaling at age 15 but has been a writer her entire life. Writing everyday about her life, her thoughts, and her reactions to events, forced her to become a good listener and to consciously evaluate all of the information, advice, and life lessons that came her way.

Her formal career began in government after earning a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of New Orleans. Combined with her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Psychology from Wesleyan College (in Macon, Georgia), Angel’s interest is in exploring why things happen, not just the sequence of events. She changed careers after experiencing immeasurable loss during Hurricane Katrina which forced her to relocate to Texas. She decided to follow her ultimate passion of designing stationery and opened the online shop, Write Robinson. Eventually, she returned to her hometown of New Orleans and continues to pursue her dreams. In addition, she is the co-founder and Creative Director of Grey Buddha, a design and business branding firm. Common Sense and Coffee is her first published work and dream come true.

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Books are available online at Amazon.com  (paperback and Kindle).  All proceeds benefit Angel’s family.

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